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Rise and Shine! Rise above and become the person you were meant to be! Stand tall, follow your heart and enjoy the adventure. You are more than your mistakes or the trials you face. What defines you is how well you rise after falling! Get up, dress up, show up and never GIVE UP! 





About Aware of Angels

Aware Of Angels advocates for people who have genetic, rare or undiagnosed disorders.  An accurate and conclusive diagnosis for these children will not only give direction for proper treatments and improve their quality of life, but in some cases it may save their life.  By sharing their stories and images, we are advocates for families to the medical and research fields, as well as connect families in similar situations. These children desperately need treatments, cures and answers. Rare/Undiagnosed diseases collectively affect millions of children. They often are serious, debilitating and life altering; many are life threatening or fatal. This is why they need your help.