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How It Works!



Our drop ship program is geared towards boutique owners that have their own brand and website who are looking to supplement their current inventory.  Our goal is to be a simple way for you to run your own boutique. We are here to help your dreams of owning your own boutique come true!  

our mission

Owning a boutique can be pricey! The cost of buying product, photo shoots, marketing, branding, warehousing, purchasing/shipping supplies and paying employees all adds up. Not to mention all the man hours that are involved in this process! We help you simplify your business so you can sell more!


You build the following, and we take care of everything else! For a small monthly fee we will cover everything from the design, manufacturing/sourcing of inventory, warehousing and shipping.


Most other companies require you to buy thousands of dollars wrth of inventory to just get started. Then the risk is all on you! If you don't sell the product, you're stuck with thousands of dollars of inventory that isn't moving. Not to mention having to find a place to store it! With RISE Apparel we help take the risk out of owning your own boutique.

What's in it for you?

  • Low startup costs.
  • No purchase of inventory.
  • Huge selection of inventory and new styles launched every week.
  • We provide pics, descriptions and measurements of all product.
  • We handle shipping so you don't have to.

We would love for you to join us as we continue to grow in the fashion industry. We are excited about how far we have come and the positive response we’ve received in the fashion world. We’d love for you to represent our brand and receive the benefits as you share in our future journey.